Korky's Rescues Adopted Puppies and Dogs

100% Independent - Women Owned - Dog Rescue

Because... Every
Fur-Baby Deserves a Long, Loving, Happy & Healthy Life!


Unfortunately due to Rising Costs of Rescuing Dogs in the Area we are Temporarily Unable to Accept any Rescues at this Time.

Once the Financial Situation Changes we will be back to business 150%

To find out how you might be able Help contact us Below.

We Love Hearing from Potential Fur-Ever Homes, and Current Fur-Ever Homes! Drop Us a Line if you have any Questions, or if you would like to Come and Visit!

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If you are interested in Any of these Fur-Kids

Text (409) 209-2677 or Contact for more info.

*Please  Only Text.  We are Constantly conducting "Doggy Business" around the  Property, and are generally not able to Answer Phone Calls.  It is much easier to Text :) 

Korky's Rescues

5649 State Highway 274, Trinidad, Texas 75163, United States

(409) 209-2677 - Please Text Only at this Time.

Come On By for a Visit with the Fur-Kids!

We love our Fur-Families, and Meeting New Ones, so feel free to visit during normal business hours!


Although we have Set Hours of Operation we of course make Special Exceptions All The Time!  Let us know what time works for you, and we will try to Accommodate.

You can always stop by, and if the Gate is Closed we are most likely just out conducting "Doggy Business".

Text (409) 209-2677, and if Possible we will be up Shortly to Let you come in and Meet the Kiddos :)

Korky's Rescues

5649 Texas Highway 274, Trinidad, Texas 75163, United States

(409) 209-2677

General Adoption Information - Good Stuff!


All Dogs Deserve a Home, but Not All Homes Deserve a Dog.

This may sound Harsh, but it is Reality.  We have Rescued Animals (not just the Furry Kind) for a very Long Time.  We will not just allow these Fur-Kids to go to just Anyone.  They will definitely let you, and Us know if they want to spend the rest of their Life with you.  This is not always the case though.

Have you ever been Growled and Snipped at by the World's most Sweetest Dog?  If you answered, Yes, there might be a reason, and you might want to consider Rescuing a Gold Fish. If you answered, No, then Stop on By, You're a Dog Human!

They expect you to Love and Keep them for the Rest of their Lives, We Do Too, but we know there could be a list of unseen reasons something Happens.  Please, if Ever you have to Re-Home your Fur-Kid from Korky's Rescues, CONTACT US FIRST!  If we are able to Accommodate we will of course help them find a New-New Fur-Ever Home!

Health and Safety

All of our Fur-Kids and Rescued Fur-Kids are on a Diet of Victor Dog Food.  It has been Ranked in the Top 5 in the Country, and is Made right here in the Great State of Texas.  Depending on their Age they will either be on a Diet of Victor Hi-Pro Plus (Teal Bag) or Victor Multi-Pro (Yellow Bag), and sometimes a little bit of Each.  

All Animals that are Old enough to Receive Monthly Hear-Worm Prevention are given their Monthly Dose.  We also use All Natural Treatments on our Soil to Kill Fleas, and any other Bad Bugs that can hurt the Kiddos.  Beneficial Nematodes sound pretty Nasty, but only to those Pesky Fleas and Other Bad Bugs.  We Like 100% Cedar Oil Too, another Texas Made Product :)

For the Fur-Kids Safety and Yours, Please, Never Trespass if our Gate is Closed, there is a Reason why Every Fence Post and Rail is Painted Purple, there are No Trespassing Signs, and Security Camera's.  These Fur-Kids are Family.  We will Do ANYTHING Necessary to Protect them, which includes invoking Castle Law. 

What we need from You to Adopt?

Aside from taking your Fur-Kid into your Family, and making sure they are Healthy and Happy, we do have a Basic Adoption form, but that's not all.  As stated before, they will Let Us Know if they want to be with you.

There is also an Adoption Fee to be Paid.  We cannot and will not Re-Home Animals unless we Know you are Capable of Keeping them Happy and Healthy.  If you are unable to Afford a Small Adoption Fee to Cover their Current Medical Expenses, Refer to the Gold Fish Scenario.  We Do Not Ever want to See these Fur-Babies Moved from Home to Home, or Seen Posted on a Humane Society Shelter Page Ever.  Please, Be Responsible, and Consider them as your Child, because they are Children to Us.

We do Also Require that your Legal Name, Full Address, and Contact Information is accurately Provided on the Adoption Form.  This is strictly for Record Keeping Purposes, and we will Never sell your information to 3rd Parties, or Exploit your information in any way shape or form.


About Korky's Rescues

 We  are a 100% Independent - Women Owned Dog Rescue.  Although all Dogs are  Created Equal, we do Specialize in Large Breed Fur-Kids.   We have been Rescuing Animals for Years, and have always had a special bond with Dogs.

They Change our Lives, Literally, and for the Better.  They give us Someone to Come Home to if No One is Around, they are always So Graciously Excited to See us even if we were only gone for 10 min to grab the Mail, and their Love is So Deep, not even the Deepest Ocean could Compare.

They Deserve to Love and Be Loved, and Hopefully we Can make a Difference in as many Dog's lives as we possibly can!


Our Mission

Well, as soon as we Hit the Lottery a Very Large Facility will be Built to House up to 50 Animals.  Seeing that this might not exactly Happen very Quickly, we Use and Re-Use a lot of Different Building Supplies that most people will not ever even think could work for what we use them for.  I believe they call it, "Redneck Engineering".  We don't just go around hooking things together with Duct Tape, but Pallets are a Sure Nice way to Create a Winter Dog Bed to Hold in Hay.

Hopefully, with all the Penny Pinching in the next few Years we can Build a Facility at least Half the Size of our Dream Facility.

Keep your Fingers Crossed for us, will you?